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Trauma Healing Circle: Meditation, Breath work, and Gentle Flow for Healing Trauma

“Trauma has a deep and long-lasting effect on the entire organism, from chemical and anatomical changes in the brain, to changes in our body’s physiological systems, to the subjective impact on the experience of a survivor. We believe that treatment for trauma must consider the person as a whole and address the broad-ranging effects of trauma on an individual. This needs to be done through an equal measure of patience, compassion, and gentleness. If we are to help
people recover from the insidious violation of their humanity that is trauma, we must be able to offer a varied array of tools to aid in this task.”

- Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, MD

Survivors of trauma, in the broadest definition of the word, share the experience of navigating their lives in the aftermath of a life-changing event. Survivors may have a range of body-based symptoms that pervade their entire lives, long after the trauma occurred. Bodily sensations associated with trauma can overwhelm the nervous system, which can create a lack of safety. Trauma permeates all aspects of one's lived experience: physical, psychological, mental,
behavioral, social, and spiritual. Trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices offer modalities to help heal the whole person.

Trauma Healing is a class designed to empower students to release trapped psychological and physical energies and come back home to their bodies. This gentle, trauma-informed meditation is coupled with light movement and helps students feel more grounded and balanced, while focusing on natural breathing to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and embodiment.

Students are invited to channel quiet awareness and presence, find stability and safety in the body, and cultivate resilience. The postures and breath work are thoughtfully crafted to help uncover trauma imprints, support the healing process, create optimal balance of the nervous system, and lessen the grip that past experiences of trauma may have on the heart.


Private Sessions

If you would like to schedule a private yoga class in-person in Los Angeles or via skype, please don't hesitate to contact Zabie directly for scheduling and rates.